Ethical Leadership, M.A.

Master of Arts in Ethical Leadership

The M.A. in Ethical Leadership prepares professionals across vocational sectors to integrate personal awareness and professional proficiencies to be more effective, ethical leaders in their organization, with the knowledge and consciousness of our interconnected global realities.

This master’s degree teaches working professionals about normative ethics while transforming them into more ethical leaders in a diverse, globalized world. Students in this program will experience an innovative series of courses that combine for more mindful, compassionate leadership in any organizational context.

Learning Outcomes

  • Cultivate awareness of self and others
  • Conduct ethical analysis and recommend ethical action
  • Manage conflict in diverse environments
  • Affect organizational change
  • Lead locally in a global context
1030 units
Completion Time
15 MonthsFull-time (2 classes per term)
$15,000($500 per unit)
OnlineOpportunities for face-to-face learning are available throughout the program
Courses Begin
Jan | Apr | Jul | Oct
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Full-time students take two classes each 10-week term — one that’s specific to their program and another from The Claremont Core. Electives can be taken from any of the degree programs offered.

Ethical Leadership Claremont Core™
Self-Knowledge Mindfulness
Leadership Literacy Dialogue
Ethical Frameworks Collaboration
Ethics and Globalization Change
Shadow Sides  
Capstone Action Project  
Ethical Leadership Courses
The Claremont Core

The Claremont Core™

Our emerging globalized age demands a unique set of human skills and critical perspectives for those who yearn to be effective change-makers in the world. The Claremont Core™ is an integrated sequence of advanced courses in which change-makers like you will develop human capacities for awareness of self and others, engaging dialogue and collaboration across differences, and effective strategies for organizational and community transformation.

Ethical leadership moves from the development of self-awareness and empathy with others towards more effective facilitation of organizational change. The curriculum in Ethical Leadership is integrated with the Claremont Core to move you along this developmental path toward more focused awareness and compassionate collaboration at work, even in environments that do not value or reward such behavior. In these integrated classes, you will also be working with a diversity of other leaders across the social and professional sectors, providing invaluable insight into how leadership works across society.

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The Capstone Action Project (CAP)

After taking the Claremont Core™ sequence and courses in their respective degrees, students at Claremont Lincoln conclude their experience with a Capstone Action Project that embodies our mission of putting wisdom to work.

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Ethical Leadership Capstone Action Project
Online Learning

Online Learning

All courses are offered entirely in an online format through a course management system that is easy to use, educationally effective and accessible on mobile devices. The asynchronous format allows you to set your own schedule and complete assignments when it is most convenient for you while building deep community with faculty and other students from across the nation and around the world.

Summits & Gatherings

Twice a year, at the beginning of the academic term, the University invites students, faculty, supporters, and friends – thinkers, artists and leaders alike – to gather together for meet-ups. During the Summits, attendees learn from each other, engage in authentic dialogue, and consider the latest ideas from thought-leaders in our three areas of engagement.  This access to renowned global leaders, together with fellow students in an intimate setting, sharing meals, building relationships, and problem solving are distinctive hallmarks of the CLU experience.

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Summits & Gatherings
Potential Career Fields

Potential Career Fields

Claremont Lincoln University places a strong emphasis on preparing professionals across industries to lead with vision and purpose. The Master’s in Ethical Leadership teaches you to develop capacities for awareness of self and others, engage in dialogue and collaboration across differences, and implement effective strategies for organizational transformation.

Upon completion of your Master’s degree at Claremont Lincoln University, you will possess the skills to pursue a wide range of careers in a number of industries. They are as diverse as our student body and reflect the multi-disciplinary aspect of the program. Some examples include:

​General leadership
Chief Ethics Officer
Regulatory Compliance Director
Compliance Officer
Compliance Strategist
Compliance Monitoring Manager
Compliance and Ethics Strategist
Compliance Analyst
Negotiation Manager
Director Risk and Compliance
Audit/Investigations Manager
Ethics and Compliance Analyst
Global Compliance Analyst
Global Anti-corruption Officer
Ethics Analyst
Executive Director
Ethics Trainer
Ethics Program Specialist
Leadership Trainer
HR/Ethics Director
Crisis Manager
Corporate Social Responsibility Officer

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