Claremont Online: COL

Col: (kŏl) n. A pass between two mountain peaks

COL: (kŏl) n. An accessible path to graduate education

Navigating the possibilities available in graduate education can be extraordinarily challenging. On the one hand, you realize the world is changing and leaders need interpersonal competencies an earlier generation may have overlooked. On the other, you face a mountain of responsibility including work, family, and community. Claremont Online (COL) offers you a flexible and student-friendly approach to negotiate this demanding terrain.

How It Works »

As part of the Claremont Lincoln Consortium, Claremont Online (COL) exists to help students achieve their educational goals through accessible resources. COL coordinates non-resident online courses and programs offered by Claremont Lincoln University and its partners: currently The Academy of Jewish Religion – California, Bayan Claremont, and Claremont School of Theology, with more coming. COL also supplements the course offerings that are available at these physical campuses.

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