Dr. Eboo Patel Speaks at Historic Inaugural Commencement

Tuesday, May 21, 2013 at 11:49AM

Dr. Eboo Patel Speaks at Historic Inaugural Commencement On the Vanguard: A Celebration of Interfaith Leadership: Watch the video.

On May 21,2013, Claremont Lincoln University celebrated its inaugural commencement ceremony. It was another milestone for our bold new model for higher education where students from all faiths bring their beliefs to the table, infuse them with the best of modern thinking, and apply them to a world in need.

Dr. Eboo Patel, President of Interfaith Youth Core, gave a rousing and challenging commencement speech for the historic occasion, titled, “On the Vanguard: A Celebration of Interfaith Leadership.” In it, he pointed out that diversity covers more than just religion, ethnicity, sexuality, and gender.

"The central problem interfaith work seeks to solve," said Dr. Patel, "is this: how are all of us, with our differences, to share a nation and a world together? The central task of an interfaith leader, in my view, is to help build relationships between people with profoundly different views of what is fundamental and what is just. How else do you have a diverse democracy unless people who have deep disagreements on some issues are able to work together on other issues?"

Read the entire transcript of Dr. Patel’s speech here.

A Brief History

2010: Leadership established a new kind of university to desegregate religious education between Claremont School of Theology (CST), Academy for Jewish Religion-California (AJRCA), and Bayan Claremont, founded by the Islamic Center of Southern California. This was one of the Top Religion Stories of 2010, according to the Pew Forum.

2011: On Sept. 6, 2011, leaders launched Claremont Lincoln University, to much attention. It was the first graduate school to be co-owned by the three Abrahamic faiths.

2013: Today, Claremont Lincoln is the hub of a consortium of likeminded educational institutions and centers, including its three founding partners - CST, AJRCA, and Bayan – as wll as affiliates including the Center for Jain Studies, the Center for Sikh Studies, the Hindu Studies Program, and the University of the West (Buddhist).

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