M.A. in Ethical Leadership

1030 units
Completion Time
15 Months
OnlineOpportunities for face-to-face learning are available throughout the program
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Next Term Begins Oct. 13th

Organizational leadership in the 21st century requires an acute awareness of self, of those around us, and of our place in an increasingly migratory, interconnected world. These realities demand new knowledge, skills and perspectives for effectively leading within any kind of organization.

The M.A. in Ethical Leadership offers an integrated approach to leadership development that teaches working professionals about ethics while transforming them into more ethical leaders in a diverse, globalized world. In this program, you will experience a unique series of online courses that integrates personal awareness, professional proficiencies, and global consciousness for more mindful, compassionate leadership in any organizational context.

The program begins with self assessment and introduces you to leading-edge practices for self-awareness and mindfulness. You then will learn about contemporary approaches to leadership and ethical decision-making from various sources and traditions across the ages. As a graduate of this program, you will have the knowledge and skills to lead more effectively and influence your workplace in a diverse and changing world.

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Learning Outcomes

Graduates of the M.A. in Ethical Leadership will be able to:

  • Apply ethical reflection and tools drawn from various philosophical, religious, cultural, and wisdom traditions to your personal and organizational life.
  • Apply ethical leadership competencies within highly diverse organizational contexts and structures.
  • Integrate ethical competency, leadership insights, and self awareness to improve organizational culture and operations.
  • Apply contemporary approaches in dialogue and collaboration to ethical change efforts within diverse organizational types.
  • Act with integrity in personal and professional life based on self knowledge and acquired ethical frameworks.