Degree Programs

1030 units
Completion Time
15 Months
OnlineOpportunities for face-to-face learning are available throughout the program
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Next Term Begins April 13th

Claremont Lincoln University works with students to change the world, and our innovative academic offerings and learning experience reflect that commitment. Claremont Lincoln offers the following master's degrees:

M.A. in Ethical Leadership

The M.A. in Ethical Leadership prepares professionals across vocational sectors to integrate personal awareness and professional proficiencies to be more effective, ethical leaders in their organization, with the knowledge and consciousness of our interconnected global realities.

M.A. in Interfaith Action

The M.A. in Interfaith Action is intended for leaders in faith-based organizations, religious communities, and other public arenas in which religious multiplicity can simultaneously be a source of conflict and a rich resource for positive change. The degree will equip such leaders for deeper understanding and more effective social engagement for individual transformation, effective organizational leadership and positive social change.

M.A. in Social Impact

The M.A. in Social Impact teaches the capacities needed for mindful leaders—particularly, though not exclusively in the social and civic sectors—to envision, implement, and adapt efforts that generate positive and sustainable impact within and/or beyond their organizations and communities.