Affiliated Institutions

The Academy for Jewish Religion, California

The Academy for Jewish Religion, California, is a transdenominational, pluralistic institution dedicated to training rabbis, cantors, and chaplains. An intellectually rigorous institution, its faculty welcomes the opportunity to be part of the widest possible partnerships among other faiths and traditions.

Bayan Claremont

The Islamic Center of Southern California, the oldest and largest mosque in the Los Angeles area, is establishing a new institution -- Bayan Claremont, An Islamic Graduate School of Claremont Lincoln University. Rooted in a commitment to civic participation and interfaith partnerships, the new institution will be the first significant program in the United States for training imams to lead Muslim communities in North America and beyond.

Hindu Studies

Claremont Lincoln University and the Nalanda Confluence Institute, along with the Indic Foundation, the Dharma Civilization Foundation, and other funders are working together to promote study and culture of Hinduism.

The Center for Jain Studies

In 2011, Claremont Lincoln University launched its Jain Studies program, partnering with the International School for Jain Studies (ISJS), and JAINA, the Federation of Jain Associations in North America. We are also building a vital connection with the Jain Center of Southern California. The Jain Studies program offers awards for students to study Jainism in India each summer.

The Center for Sikh Studies

In 2013, Claremont Lincoln University launched The Center for Sikh Studies. The Center raises awareness, recognition, and understanding of Sikhism - the 5th largest religion in the world, and provide a site for meaningful interreligious dialogue. The need for creating further awareness about Sikhism in America was envisioned by Dr. H. Sahota, a world-renowned cardiologist, and Harry Sidhu, Orange County Water District Director and Former Anaheim Mayor Pro Tem.

University of the West (UWest)

Claremont Lincoln University and University of the West have announced a commitment to collaborate. Beginning in the Fall of 2012, each institution’s graduate students will be able to take courses at either university for academic credit. University of the West is a Buddhist-founded university in Los Angeles County that is accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC). In addition to its undergraduate degrees, it offers a number of graduate degrees in business and psychology, as well as a Master of Divinity in Buddhist Chaplaincy, and masters and doctor’s degrees in Religious Studies, with Buddhist and/or Comparative Religions concentrations. Learn more about UWest.

Other Affiliated Organizations

We recognize a number of other organizations as sharing in the mission of Claremont Lincoln University or as partnering in common projects. These are organizations with which we have official working relationships or have begun discussions aimed at building closer collaborations. We acknowledge them as allies and recommend them to our friends: